Skipping Yipee + Know Your Tribe (Ricky Watson)

My oh my what a morning.  Hills were crushed, Joel received the Positivity Award, Nevil thought it was picture day (he was only two days early), Ron saved a lovely couple from having to pay for parking, we announced Summit and the fun that will be had in Wisconsin, and we had a few random folks join our 5:27 photo.

Karl decided to traverbal, which is cool because you know, NP_SF loves Southern California.  Anyways, both 5:27 and 6:27 rocked the Turn Around Rock Routine, spiced up with some hoistees and skipping.  Did you know that skipping is not only FUN but actually helps improve your running form?  True fact.  If you don’t believe me, read here.

I can’t say it enough at the workouts but the energy that is out there is amazing.  Everyone has brought this spirit that seems to spread and I know that I speak for both myself and Jesse when I say that it’s beyond wonderful to see.  I love the smiles and I love the new faces.  In the words of Mrs. Kim (who we haven’t seen in awhile, we miss you Mrs. Kim!), “Don’t Stop, Never Stop!Now, in this week’s edition of get to know your tribe, let’s meet Ricky Watson.  You may have known this dude from crushing it at Saturday Stairs but lately he has been running the Griffith trails like it’s his business AND cruised through his very first 5k a couple of weeks back.  Ricky, take it away:

  • First workout – 1/20/18 (Saturday Stairs)
  • Angeleno or transplant – I’m from New Jersey
  • Favorite workout – Stairs and Hills
  • Why do you keep showing up? – Multiple reasons here. The people I’ve met are the most awesome people I’ve ever met . They are very supportive and positive. The workouts are amazing and push me to the next level of my physical fitness. And seeing how bad ass everyone else is has motivated me to get to that level . Which has increased my desire to workout.
  • Superpower – Awkwardness
  • Spirit animal – Sloth for sure
  • Occupation – Dialogue Recordist/Sound Designer
  • Any nicknames – Ricky (My name is Ricardo)
  • Proudest moment – Winning 2 Emmy’s in one night!


PICTURE DAY IS FRIDAY! – Come back in time as we take on the 90’s and meet for pictures at Angel’s Point (entrance off Stadium Way).

#BotB continues May 18th when Jeff and Max take us back to the B Lot.

NP Summit – September 15th-16th in Wisconsin. CHEESE.  Summit is an amazing opportunity to meet NPers from all over the world. There are a bunch of different race options, but the marathon relay is awesome. Make a team of 2-4 and race a 10k course with people from tribes near and far! Maybe even make a team with people from other tribes! Registration can be found right here! Use code “NP20” for 20% off.

Better than Bedtime – Yes, back per popular demand and because it’s fun to hang out outside of the workouts.  On June 10th at a time TBA at a location TBA we’ll head off on fun group yog through town and will end up at a bar location to spend the afternoon/evening.  More details and Facebook event to come, we promise.

Fun Fact: The average person has about 3-5 dreams per night but some have up to 7!

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