Bulls on Parade

God we love New Orleans. Life is just a little bit different down here. This is the home of “Go Cups” from the bar, the drive through daquiri shop, and the place that perfected Mardi Gras. Nola folks like to take a good thing, add throw some spice in dat gumbo, and perfect it in our own way. The same can be said when it comes to one of the near weekly festivals and events here known as San Fermin de Nuevo Orleans a la the annual Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain…But with a bit of Cajun lagniappe.

If you happen to live in a cave and know nothing of the outside world, every year during the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona, Spain thrill seekers sign up to run in front of about a dozen bulls on a course through the streets of the city. Of the thousands of participants, every year between 200-300 people are injured in some fashion. Sounds fun right?

So, in the New Orleans style that we all love, the people of this city took the event, adjusted it, and made it better. Crowds of thousands still dress up and prepare to run the course… But, instead of running from actual Bulls, the participants are fleeing from Roller Derby Girls on skates, dressed in black, and armed with wiffle ball bats. Like most things Nola, copious amounts of alcohol are involved, and the only true injury is a tipped over cooler with its contents strewn down the racing path.


So in preparation for this weekend’s San Fermin fest, we decided to incorporate some aspects into the workout this morning. We started off with the usual warm up. For the workout, the tribe ran to different sections around the dome, stopping at each section to do pushups, air squats, or mountain climbers. The kicker is that 12 “bulls” were armed with noodles (similar to the roller derby girls) and clear instructions to swat away. Whenever someone was hit with a noodle, they had to drop and do 5 burpees (painful yes…but much better than catching a bull horn to the butt), and then they became the owner of the noodle and were able to “gore” their own new victim and pass along the noodle. A good workout, and we all got to play with our noodles… Who doesn’t love that?


The Positivity Award this week went to Stuckey. Stuckey is a long time tribe member and his constant encouragement and “Fuck Yeahs” are exactly the mentality that we love at NPNO. Thank you Stuckey and keep up smiling.


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