Melting Pot Magic (SD)

San Diego is a melting plot of awesomeness. People from all over the world migrate here to bask in the sunshine, take in our beaches, hike our mountains and obviously join the NPSD Tribe. Today we celebrated that diversity with a workout that crossed cultural lines, brought us closer together, and reminded us that everyone has a little crustacean in them. Our around the world trip today took us to the depths of the sea [enter Little Mermaid song…Uuuuuunder the Sea, down where it’s wetter, down where its better, take it from meeeee…what? I was a Disney kid. Deal with it.] We skipped through the Bavarian fields of flowers and then hauled ass to Tour de France with body-made bicycles – no blood doping needed – we’re high on LIFE!

This tribe just keeps getting bigger. Bigger and faster! Bigger and faster and BRIGHTER! Fuck Yeah! To all the newbies (and there were a lot of you today!) WELCOME! We hope you enjoyed the bear crawls – it’s part of the NPSD initiation to get in touch with your inner bear – unleash that BEAST! Justin did…which is why he was today’s MVP:
(NOTE: the 7:39 time stamp – yeeeahhhhhh)
Props to an epic Wednesday tribe – don’t cry – we’ll be back next week, waiting with open arms!
Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!

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