No Nonsense, Check that Shit at the Door (NYC)

We fucking woke up the Sun–TWICE (it got cloudy)! Today was epic. We had newbies! We had other tribe members (Mike and Andrew from Beantown)! We did a call out to the Mayor! We had our community! The Tribe is growing! The tribe is strong.

We broke up the tribe into three groups to starts-Germany, Argentina, and The Netherlands.  We did 33 minutes (30 mins + 3 mins for stoppage time) of pure badass work. Groups went into three different Grotto directions (we call it the shamrock), but still remained a unit, a family, a community.  Each loop was broken up by three hardcore exercises:  10 push-ups, 10 burpees, 10 dips!  During the workout we might have felt like Brazil, but after the workout we were all champions! Epic high-fiving throughout the entire workout!


Positivity Award went to Brian and Nicki who got engaged last Friday at NP_NYC! There will be babies!



NO SLEEP TO BROOKLYN!!!! Yes, this Friday we will be stepping our feets and asses on the fine borough of Brooklyn!

Friday, 6:28 a.m. – Meet us at Grand Army Plaza (the Brooklyn one)



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