Buffs, Bundling Up, and Being British

Boston turned British today.  No issues with tea or cessation or anything like that.  But other than the normal “it’s winter and it’s actually pretty cold, and we’re all bundled the heck up in layers and layers of clothes” stuff happening, things were all a little backwards.

We ran on the opposite side of the street.

I said, the OPPOSITE side of the street.  We stayed on the right side of the street, not the left.  I know, right?!? That hill is a whole ‘nother beast when you run down the right side and cross weirdly “backwards” down by Beacon St. and up the right side too–what was that hill?  It’s good to change it up a bit.  You might have run faster just because you were paying a little more attention to where you were going!  (you can still track your hill reps in the tracker though…that didn’t get turned around.)

And if you thought running like the Brits was weird, then there’s no explaining your co-leaders speaking in British accents to explain the workout.  HR Karl has asked that we apologize to everyone of English heritage, current British citizens, the Prime Minister of England, and anyone who likes Thomas’ English Muffins for offending them with our initially mediocre but then really enthusiastic accents. We are sorry.  But we also think you wankers can piss off if you’re upset about a bloody accent.  So, that apology is rubbish.  #SorryNotSorry

And then the buffs.  It’s like the Beatles showed up for a live concert after the group photo.  Everyone was running and screaming, shaking and crying as they waited in line to get close enough to touch them…But it was just Ryan Komaiko and his box of buffs.  No offense Ryan, but you’re no Ringo Starr.  Those buffs are HOT. Anyone who pre-ordered them and paid can pick them up from Ryan for only two more workouts.  And if you haven’t paid, you better bring exactly 3.5 British Pounds for each buff you ordered, in order to take those hot puppies home next week.  Read all details about final buff pickups in the buff blog here.

All in all, it was a weird, super cold, very fun Friday in Boston.  We keep doing this free fitness thing and it keeps working for us.  Fuck Yeah.

MONDAY’s workout: is in a very cool little spot that we ran by during Better Than Bedtime.  It’s near Harvard Stadium, on the Boston side of the river, near Western Ave.  The exact LOCATION is HERE in the tracker–so check it out.  But don’t miss this Monday because you don’t want to miss ANY of the fun we’re going to have for free.  And go ahead and verbal while you’re there, so that no matter how the Pats game turns out, you’re already committed to showing up.  It just feels right.

group photo

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