The Buff Mothership has Arrived.

Guys. Buffs are here, and we are ready to dish ’em out.

Please read the following info so you can stop working out in the buff and start working out in YOUR buff. Wow, my jokes are bad this morning… Anyway! Big thanks to Ryan K. for helping out with this one! Onto the bufferinos.

Wisconsin Notes:
– Pay Ryan Komaiko on Venmo if you haven’t already (for those of you who pre-ordered)

– Wednesday (1/20) Buffs for those who pre-paid and pre-ordered. No cash is being accepted!
– Friday (1/22) and Wednesday (1/27) Buffs for those who pre-ordered. Must have exact cash on hand ($5.00/Buff – See spreadsheet for your exact amount)
– Full details below
The Buffs are officially here, and the time is now upon us to get them onto your #Weatherproof bodies.
Buff Pre-Order List:

If you pre-ordered a buff back in December, you should see your name on this list along with your payment status.
We will be distributing the Buffs in three waves:
Wave 1: Pre-Paid Distribution (Wednesday, January 20th)
At the conclusion of the workouts on Wednesday, Buffs will be available for anyone that has pre-paid via Venmo. If you haven’t pre-paid yet, but want to be part of the cool kids who get them first, details can be found here:

Pay For Your New Buffs

We will not be taking cash at the workout on Wednesday. There will be no exceptions to this. Please help us both not have an awkward conversation by using the link above if you want your Buff(s) on Wednesday.

Wave 2: Pre-Ordered, Cash in Hand (Friday, January 22nd and Wednesday, January 27th)
If you’re on the pre-ordered list, but do not want to pre-pay via Venmo, they will available for pick-up with cash in hand at the end of two (2) workouts in the next couple weeks: Friday 1/22 and Wednesday 1/27. Please bring exact payment. No loose singles! We don’t hate George Washington; we just don’t want to carry bricks of him around all day! We will ONLY accept cash! Don’t ask if you can pay with a sock full of quarters or yoga pass with 3 classes left on it. Cash only. The pre-order guarantee period will expire after the workout on 1/27. After that, we will no longer be honoring pre-orders. The best way to assure you get your pre-ordered Buff(s) is to #JustShowUp in the next two weeks!

Wave 3: First Come, First Serve
After the workout on Wednesday, January 27th, any remaining inventory that hasn’t been paid for will be made available on a first come, first serve basis at a future workout (not the 1/27 workout). We are using modified “Edmonton rules” for the distribution of the open inventory:
Limit will be one Buff per person
We’d like to say priority will be given to those that haven’t purchased one yet, but we also aren’t going to monitor this. Just be honest please! We have a limited supply and would like to see as many tribe members as possible be able to get one
Bring exact change ($5), because we aren’t bringing any extra dollars.

If you have any questions on the process or distribution, please reach out directly to me and I’ll do my best to help sort it out.
All the best!
– Ryan Komaiko


We announced it earlier but Monday we will be at Copley Square.  Central location, near the T, we can be loud, we can get weird and we’ll for sure be making a scene.  It is a holiday so a lot of people don’t have to work.   Let’s recruit everyone that usually uses the excuse that they have to be at work.  See you there.

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