The first day of school


First, let me say, it’s an honor to be here. I could write a much longer post about why I love November Project but that is for another day. (Literally any day though since I now have my own login credentials to this blog.) Suffice it to say, I’m honored to be taking a leadership role in a group that means so much to me and that has shaped much of why I love San Francisco. Brogan, Bojan, Paddy, Laura, Dan. Thank you.

Alright, enough already. There was a workout today! This morning was like the first day of school. Would the new co-leader (uh, me) remember all the very important steps from the Corporate training manual? Would I make any new friends? Would I have to sit by myself at lunch?

Last night before I went to sleep I actually went through the checklist of all the things I needed to do: ask if anyone is new, ask if anyone is traveling from another tribe, bounce it out, remind everyone that Ali Fauci is a badass. That’s exactly what we did. Then we ran some of the steepest steps in San Francisco/the world. Unbelievable effort out there from the entire group. Thanks for not injuring yourselves on my first day.

As with any first day of school, there were some wins, losses and surprises. Let’s recap some of those now:

Win: We started the workout on time, right at 6:30.

Loss: Some people were shocked by this. Change is coming people. Get there before 6:30 or risk being late and missing some of the fun!

Surprise: Sally Kallet showed up and regaled us with a harrowing tale of a coyote encounter at the bottom of the hill. I think she said she yelled up to a stranger and asked if she should be worried. We’re glad you’re safe Sally.

Win: Everyone left the workout in one piece. Didn’t realize I’d think of that as such a big win until now.

Loss: Mitch, everyone’s favorite hugger and all around superstud, got his drawstring backpack stolen with his car keys. He managed to smile all the way through it anyways.

Win: I remembered all the right steps and things to say. I think. Right Paddy?

Win: No neighbors yelled at us (silent wooh!)

Win: Breakfast club at Henna’s house with an epic view and delicious food (thanks to all the chefs).

Loss: If you went back to your car in the Coit Tower parking lot afterwards, you found a parking ticket.

All in all, pretty much what you’d expect from a Friday at NPSF. A couple of weird things, a beautiful sunrise, and a lot of happy people. Have a great weekend everyone!


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