Brrr, It’s cold out here. (WOO)

As the temperatures start to drop, it becomes a little more difficult to get out of our warm beds and get going. If you are looking for some inspiration and motivation, please see our instagram (@novemberprojectworcester) and Facebook page for daily posts throughout the month of November that outline why people #justshowup.

This time of year, as we get closer to winter, it’s incredibly challenging to know the plan for Wednesday until 5am, when we can get there and check the stadium out. Basically, be prepared for anything until we move to the common. We were rather certain today would’ve been a hill workout, but to all of our surprises, the stairs were bone dry. If you don’t see a crowd of people on the hill, you can assume we’re in the stadium. We are monitoring the extended weather forecast in regards to location change, but as you all know, it’s so unpredictable. Likely, starting in December we will start to make use of the common each week bringing us through the winter.

It’s amazing that in mid November, when people usually start to drop off a bit, we are seeing NEW faces, still. The tribe is strong, and the more energy, the better. Keep recruiting your friends YEAR ROUND. We are weatherproof.

Next Wednesday, please bring a canned good (or 2) for the workout. These will be utilized during the workout, and then we will donate the cans to St. John’s Food for the poor.  Win win situation. Also, don’t forget next Friday, we have our POP-UP at Institute Park, 6:20am!

As always, We’re glad YOU’RE HERE!

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