Brotein Shake (VB)

Always Recruiting.

Kris: Check this out bro
Jenn: What’s that bro-hymn
Kris: I switched to NP and got more
Ann: More savings on free fitness?
Kris: Yeah Brofessor and more like free 100m sprints followed by 100m lunges
John: More ways to burn, nice brotato chip
Kris: That’s not all brotein shake, NP has free hugs and high fives too
Heather: Wow, that’s a lot more
Kris: Oh yeah, we’re all about more Teddy Broosevelt

Items to keep on your radar:

Also, buffs still available so let us know if you want one before they are gone FOR. EV. ER.

Keep grindin and keep lookin good VB!

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