Paddy was rightly usurped from writing NFL-themed today’s blog today, because frankly he hasn’t a notion what on earth this football game is. Himself and Aoife are still convinced that the sport’s name should be officially changed to American Handball, especially given that only one of the 70+ people on the team actually kick the ball. Alas they don’t want to be deported, so they’re keeping quiet (this was wrote in italics and that renders this statement void in court #laws). Take it away @jzipmonsta.


In today’s age of caucuses and candidates it seems it’s harder and harder to find things everyone can agree on. Is orange juice better with pulp or not? Obviously it is but not everyone agrees. Should you button your jeans and then zip or zip and then button? Button and then zip obviously but again, there are dissenters out there.

One thing we can all agree on though is that Erin Andrews is great. Men swoon at the mention of her name. Women start babbling about her hair and the words “girl crush” get thrown around immediately. All of this brings me to the most important point. There is a perfect storm brewing. The Super Bowl is in our fair city. With the big game come big names. Peyton Manning. Cam Newton. The guy from The Blindside. And of course, Erin Andrews.


We must recruit her. She needs to know about our movement. How could she not have the best time ever? Seriously, let’s make this happen people. Her twitter handle is @ErinAndrews. Time to make a twitter account if you don’t have one. You think I’m joking. Nothing could be further from the truth. We gotta make this happen. To unite America in these tough times. Let’s do this!

Ah, there was also a workout this morning led by our Irishman. The tribe that will recruit Erin Andrews sprinted, burpeed, dipped, pushuped, and burpeed some more. Gil brought doughnuts for Donut Monday. A sweet reward that always follows PR Wednesday. Thanks for all the hard work this morning.


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