Being Weird (BAL)

In short after this morning, all I can say is this: thanks for being weird. Thanks for allowing yourself to be weird, for accepting others’ weirdness, and for being all-out whispering weird together.

As much as this is all about working out (for free no less), this is more about the community you build, the people you surround yourself with, and impact you can make on yourself, your people, and this city. This morning’s workout was just that: weird and accepting and loving and community-driven.

With faces like these, you know it can only be an accepting, inclusive group 🙂 Thanks for shining your light this morning with us. We love you crazies right back.

IMG_7988 IMG_8009 IMG_8032 IMG_8047

Short & sweet. Because what else do you say after you see a photo of Chris like this? ^^


P.S. if you haven’t already done the Rash Field survey….DO IT –

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