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Whenever we do a deck workout with 4 exercises the challenge is trying to remember which suits we assign to each exercise & then whoever draws the short straw is the caller. This morning Andrew drew the short straw and I’d like to commend him on his mental fortitude for ensuring that we didn’t do any extra box jumps. He did have a couple of association strategies that the 3 of us quickly brainstormed prior to the bounce to help him out (as leaders we never leave someone out in the cold).

  • Hearts – pushups – your heart to the ground
  • Diamonds – mountain climbers – you find diamonds in the mountains
  • Spades – sit ups – both start with S
  • Clubs – box jumps – in da club you jump?

I don’t think he faltered once except for the time he pulled a 9 of clubs – I’m pretty sure I heard a muffled F-bomb but I think that was simply because there were still clubs left in the deck!

Given the mental exercise that Andrew endured today in addition to the challenging deck workout I figured it only fair to challenge you to some NP brainteasers.

  1. How many jello-leg-inducing box jumps did you complete this morning? (remember J=11, Q=12, K=13, A=14)
  2. How many collective pushups were completed by the tribe this morning? (may need to use the group picture to get a group count)
  3. Now that you’ve looked closely at today’s group picture, how many tribies can you name?
  4. Without looking it up, how many of the 32 NP cities can you name right now?
  5. The first NP Canada workout was July 15, 2013 – how many NP Canada workouts have there been in total?
  6. Check out the 2 group pictures below – find at least 10 differences (Bonus – compare all 3 pictures!).



Ok, you’ve now probably spent way to much time on this, but thank you for completing these mental exercises, they compliment the physical exercise you did this morning!

#justshowup 6AM

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs (please try to avoid parking in the lot at the base of the stairs and instead cycle to the stairs, park & run (from Kinsmen, Victoria Oval, the ball diamond,etc), or park up top (gives you an extra bonus climb after the picture – yay!)

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! J

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