We had Visitors and Our First Passport Stamps

Wednesday mornings I show up and immediately receive a couple dozen expected and purposeful high fives.  After that I get a few really awkward ones from new participants and as I try to introduce myself and this unusual (to some) greeting tradition.

This past Wednesday, as I walked up to the fountains I heard, in an unintentionally American accent, “What’s up man!” I looked over to see a pair of wide spread arms and NOVEMBER PROJECT stenciled across the chest.

This was my moment, I had been mentally preparing for this for months. I did as I recalled doing with friends in the US and I received one of a few authentically November Project hugs in Hong Kong from Kevin Wynne from NP Chicago.

Kevin Wynne and NP HKG

While I could write a post entirely about hugs (or the perceived strangeness of hugs in Hong Kong*, this post is all about the continuing #WorldTakeover.

This week we had our second visit from a distant tribe and our first passport shirt. Without any heads up, Kevin Wynne just showed up on Wednesday morning and brought with him some excellent positivity and hype for the November Project story and tradition.

When we became a tribe, Laura had warned us that we might see some people traveling across the world to join a November Project HK workout and as always, I was a bit of a skeptic.Kevin Wynne and Keith Wynne at NP HKG

Since we joined in October, we have been lucky enough to have Warren Coughlin and Jenn Lechman from NP LAX and now both Kevin Wynne (NP Chicago) and Keith Wynne (NP NYC) and a bunch of randoms who were referred by other tribe members.

Warren Coughlin and Jenn Lechman at NP HKG

Receiving visits and hugs from other tribes is one of my favorite things about NPHK. We try and steal from them something cool about their tribe and get them to tell a bit about the NP story and their experience, and we try to share with them the international/multicultural feel that, I think, makes our tribe special.

November Project Passport Shirt

I can’t wait to see more people from across the NP network. If you’re reading this, #justshowup and we will stamp your passport shirt.

*Coming Soon

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