Bragging Rights (YEG)

Wow! Another amazing morning at Commonwealth! With a zzzzipp & an ooooohhhhhohhh you all flew around the stadium and kicked off your Wednesday the best way possible – with community and a good old sweat!

This afternoon Nadim, Rob and I are headed to Seattle for NP’s MOM – Meeting of the Minds Leadership Summit. Leaders from all 51 cities will be gathering to share stories, create more stories, have a few laughs, and learn from one another.

Nadim, Rob and I are so incredibly proud of the community that’s been built in Edmonton, I can guarantee that we will spend much of our time bragging about how great November Project Canada is (and yes, we will always be NP Canada, not NP Edmonton…that’s what you earn when you’re the first NP in a country 😉)

Here are just a few of the many things that we’ll brag about:

  • As we just stated, we were the first city in Canada with an NP community – est. 2013
  • For 6 years, we have hosted 3 workouts a week, every single Monday-Wednesday-Friday for 6 full years! No exceptions!
  • We survive/thrive during our 6-month winters
  • We’ve worked out in an ice castle and on the North Saskatchewan River in dragon boats
  • We are one of a few cities who’ve had their mayor attend a workout
  • The CFL Grey Cup made an appearance at a Monday workout
  • We host the toughest workout in the NP world – the Old 96er / the Gristle
  • Goats have joined in our morning fun
  • At this point, we have the 2 longest-standing leaders in all of NP
  • We are the only city to host a wedding at a workout – yes, a true, real-live wedding!!

But more than all of those points listed above, we will tell the world how great the people in Edmonton are!!

#justshowup 6 AM

  • Friday – Walterdale Hill (while we may be away, we’ve got some great people in place to lead)


  • Sunday, August 18 – If you’re in town & not running in the Edmonton Marathon, please join everyone at the lululemon cheer station on 111 street & 102 ave (dress code: wear black)
  • Wednesday, August 28 – Old 96er & the Gristle – last chance of the season
  • Monday, September 2 – Sunrise 6KSunday, August 18

Until the next time…SMILE! J

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