Frogust Week 1 (BOS)

Frogust started today.

Wait, did you hear that?! Like REALLY hear it??


Which means that today, and every Wednesday for the entire month of August, we will be throwing down big, hard workouts at the stadium — all to get ourselves out of the safe, comfortable bubble we build for ourselves doing pretty similar things week after week. Everyone gets to set some goals for themselves and strive for a number of sections that might make you pause for a minute and be like, “wait, what? How many???”

As our good ol’ fweind and former co-leader, Chris Payne, has said a million times–he used to think about Frogman (50 sections) as something that was impossible for him. Until the time he just decided to freaking try to do it. He stopped telling himself he couldn’t and he gave himself permission to believe he could. And it was really hard, and it even took longer than he thought it would, but he. Did. It. And all of a sudden, the impossible became possible. And the world kinda shifted for him.

So if you’re willing to give yourself permission to believe you can do something that you might have thought was impossible…use Frogust to change your own world. It really is possible.

All you need to do is show up. You get to pick what big goal you’re striving for: 30 sections = Tadpole. 40 sections = Polywog. 50 sections = Frogman. 60 sections = Bullfrog. And then get to freaking work. If you hit your goal…that’s AMAZING. And the next week you can set out for the next level of frog. And if you don’t hit your goal…that’s AMAZING. You went for it and you get to keep going for it…just keep showing up and keep kicking ass because you’ll only ever get there if you put in the work and try to get there.

See you next Wed for Frogust, week 2.


is still at Corey Hill Outlook Park at 6:29am. It will still be fun and hilly and free. And since Capozzi and I won’t be there, we’ve got two amazing #celebrityshot leaders to bounce, give you a workout, shoot some photos, and have more fun than you ever thought possible on a friday since Indiana Junes. Here’s an insider info drop that you get just for reading the blog all the way to here: there will be a special tag for the workout on Friday. Bring your PR effort, bring your shirt you want to get a special tag on, and bring everyone you know too.


is still happening, even though Capozzi and I won’t yet be back from the NP co-leader Meeting of the Minds with all the co-leaders from 51 cities of NP… but Chris Payne (previously mentioned) and Steve Christensen (original leader of NP_DC) will be leading MONDAY’S workout, at Graffiti Alley in Cambridge. 6:29am. Be there because it will be so much fun. So much fitness, and probably more fun too.

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