Boston & The New Tribes (NP PHILLY, INDY, & BALTIMORE)

We are proud to say that we own and operate the fun and fresh sunrise scene in ten cities here on the continent of North America. You may hear us e-talkin’ about our group of cities on the NP map as the “#Power10.” This week has already kicked off to a giant start with possibly our biggest “real media” win from CBS This Morning which was on Television on Tuesday morning when everyone was heading off to work. Good thing the people at Television also have YouTube accounts: Check this out: BOOM!. Thank you Television for telling our story. We’re beyond thankful to have our name, culture, and vibe, blasted out to the world.

THANKS X3: Big thanks to Gale from Television for almost dropping a verbal on her show yesterday. Another huge thanks goes out to our loving, rise & shine DJ for setting up and raining down jams on our Boston workout this morning – THANK YOU DJ PHOENIX – We love you and feel completely different when you’re on the 1’s & 2’s. Finally, a huge thanks to the two-man monster known best at the “NP Paint Crew” for ripping through 400 shirts as Bojan and I pretended to help – You guys get better each month and are seemingly unphased by the frigged conditions.

Let’s Talk NOVEMBER PROJECT PHILADELPHIA – “What’s your PR on our 1 mile(ish) course…?” by Dan LayoPS: We have taken the view that if we stop talking about the weather, it will go away.

PHL 1-29

Let’s Talk NOVEMBER PROJECT INDY – California Love by Bobbie Werbe

Our hearty tribe is small, but fierce. I usually know who’s coming, who’s not, so much so that I know whose car is whose. Today, an unfamiliar car rolls up just about 6:25am. Hmm… who dat? A fit man clad in tights scampers down the snowy hill, carrying a heavy bag. I let out my best BG inspired “GOOD MORNING!” Is it the mothership? Brogan? Bojan? WHAM! I am nailed with a hug powered by a shit-ton of gusto. This is Brad Geswein from November Project-San Francisco. It took me a minute to process this. Holy Shit, our first visiting tribesman! Fuck yeah! And he brought his “boombook” — a self-made stereo speaker housed in, yes, a book. Fuck yeah! Introductions aside, warm-up complete we started our circuit: 16 minutes of Hoisties (love it), Low-5 Push-ups, Burpees, and Bojan’s. Brad giggled like a school kid doing Bojan’s. Not gonna lie, I did too. We then raced: 10 heats of sprints up the snowy and icy steps. Brad won every. Single. Time. Damn. He’s super fucking fast. Like vampire fast. What are they feeding him out there? November Project-San Francisco, you’re lucky. We love Brad. Visit often my dude. And trademark that “boombook.” California love. Tribe love. The tribe is strong.

FierceFour. BradGeswein

Let’s Talk NOVEMBER PROJECT BALTIMORE – “The BraveHeart in Salty Balty” by Nick Rodricks

This morning was pretty fucking salty… On account of the huge amount of salt we dumped on our steps in an attempt to run up them. The leaders quickly ditched that idea and were forced to improvise. The result was a BraveHeart style sprint, followed by ascending sets of burpees, squats and pushups. Each team lined up on either side of the field and sprinted, head on, into the other team… luckily all survived, if only because the entire tribe forgot their broad swords.

We were joined by our boy Woody (who never explained how he got that name) from Capital News Service. Woody rigged up one of our loud, asshole co-leaders with a go-pro, resulting in nearly an hour of frozen ground footage. Maybe we won’t do a shittank of burpees next time he’s wearing one. We’re excited to see what Woody produces and look forward to him joining us next time, sans camera.

All in all, we had an awesome workout this morning. We were joined by a lot of new faces who will now find themselves plastered all over the internet. Hopefully one of these days the ice will thaw, the birds will sing and some racers can actually get up and race. Until that day, the tribe is really fucking strong and rolls with the punches.

Salty Balty

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