Painting the sky…pink?

The Final Hump 2.0 has done it again.

It was touch and go there for a while… I almost didn’t get out of bed, alarms weren’t going off, it was cold, there was fog, our pets heads were falling off!! Yet we prevailed. As we started to warm up, so did the weather and a strange thing started to happen! The Marine Layer (excuse me, fog) began to take on our neon glow – that’s right Mo Nature – we WIN. It was no polar vortex, but try explaining to CNN how the Northern Lights can be seen from San Diego – the answer: November Project SD.

Today’s PR workout was full of rockstars! A true illustration of the fact that ya just need to show up. The age range of our tribe today was 18-72 years. Yup you heard me, 72 years young! If that doesn’t say: hey maybe I should get my butt out of bed, get a hug, get sweaty, break the laws of physics, slap Mo Nature in the face, AND have a great start to my day; I don’t know what does! I do know, that I was pumped to have been a part of it and CAN’T WAIT to do it again. Way to cush the workout today SAN – we’re proud of ya’ll.

As always: Be Happy. Be Strong. Be Bright SD!

Ya’ll good San Diego?
Fuck Yeah!

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