Clovers? Crushed.

Being that it is PR Wednesday I can proudly report that January 29, 2014 will go down in history as the day the Denver tribe PR’d the shit out of their PRs sometime either before or after the remainder of the POWER10 family. Congratulations to all the newbies who broke their PR just by showing up and to you oldies that broke yours. I want to give a special big giant huge thanks to Aaron who stepped up as man of the house while Dad was stuck on a business trip***.

Today’s post is a guest blog post coming from our positivity wood winner of the day, Johnny, or Chia Bar Johnny as he may be more popularly known. At first, like a good rep, Johnny may have thought NP sounded like a good place to come hand out some chia bars and promote Health Warrior.  But since the first day he came, he continues to show up and give it his all and replenish our glycogen stores. He is one of the early few that has fully embraced the two a week schedule and never shows up on Friday’s without a flannel. Ironically, today Johnny brought no chia bars. Does this mean we’ve fully converted him to an NP yahoo?

If you didn’t know it before, this dude is deep. Ladies, and gents, prepare to think deeply. Johnny Russell:


The Warrior Way is about powering through morning workouts before dawn, always searching for change and progress. It is about living life as a force that never quits, that never gives up. And nowhere is the Warrior Way better embodied than in November Project.

As a new arrival in Denver working for Health Warrior Chia Bars, I was excited to learn about the November Project tribe. Weekly Wednesday workouts for fun (and free!) are topped off by “Flannel Fridays”. Anyone can roll out of bed in the morning and go for a jog, but there is a culture of accountability and positivity that makes NP unique.

 At Health Warrior, we are dedicated to living life to its fullest. But living life to its fullest is often eroded by following the “path of least resistance” with modern comforts. When you join a tribe like November Project, you are committing to resistance and having a good time doing it. You are committing to running uphill, not down. You are committing yourself to your strength and your evolution.

 Ultimately we are only accountable to ourselves, but there’s something powerful about being part of a tribe that reinforces our personal goals to be stronger, faster and healthier. This is the mission that NP is on. So rise and grind- there are no excuses. 

-Johnny Chia

See you on all on the HILL: Friday/6:15a/Governor’s Park/Flannel/Rehab beach. Peace.

***Partying too hard with Luda and Jermaine Durpri in Atlanta where the playas play, and missed his flight cause parties don’t stop til 6 in the mornin. (This, of course, is just what we assume. His flight being “cancelled” excuse seemed a little too well thought out. Nice try Flan.)

Today’s Results:
Julia Griffith
Meghan Houlihan 10
Katy Rankin
Lauren Palmer
Juliana Vegravy
Troy Coleman
Scott Neumann
Katelyn Jones 12
Alli Bell 13
Paul Rohde 15
Christine Amerosano 8
Liz Santy 8
Brittany Greere 9
Jillian Foss 9
Justin Archuletta 10
Yamuna Trejo
Emmy Batcelo 8
Will Knight 12
Eric Lazarri 9
Julliana Couture 8
Sean McCleery 8
Ivy DeAngelio
Nichole Lindquist 11
Cathy Hay 8
Johnny Russel 15.5
Luke Cunningham 15
Katie Remmington 15
Matt Sandy 15.50A
Ryan Wooderson 13
Will Hauser 8
Steph Burns 12
Pete Morelli 20

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