28:19 Day

From this day on, the final Wednesday of the month will be 28:19 Day. Today is a day that we see our progress for the month. It is also the day that Billy wins. Can someone please beat him? For those that don’t know, Billy wins everything. He is also one of our youngest tribe members. As the winner of the month, Billy received Abe’s hat. Can someone please step up to the plate next month and beat him? I’ll even consider putting a plate at the top for you. The best part about today, was that everyone set new personal records for 28:19 Day, and it’ll give you something to aim to smash next month.

We had big plans for this Friday, but due to the warm weather, and lack of snow, those have changed. We’ll make up for it another day.

Did you see the video on CBS This Morning from yesterday? Go see it again! And then watch it one more time for good luck.


Billy 9
Josh 8.3
Owen 8.3
Lorin 7.3
Chloe 7.1
Dave 7.1
Jerrold 7.1
Calvin 7
Dylan 7
Erin 7
Jenessa 7
Kim 7
Bob 6.3
Colleen M 6.3
Danielle 6.3
Min 6.3
Whitney 6.3
Kerry 6.1
Stephanie 6.1
Alex 6
Dayle 6
Gayla 6
Harjeet 6
Jacquie 6
Kelsey 6
Meg 6
Ilona 5.4
Caitlin 5.3
Derek 5.3
Dwayne 5.3
Jaden 5.3
Matt 5.3
Tanis 5.3
Vincenza 5.3
Alice 5.2
Annya 5.10
April 5
Colton 5
Jen 5
Lena 5
Robin 5
Ryan 5
Ellen 4.3
Sergio 4
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