#BetterThanBedtime KC



November Project has it’s annual event #BetterThanBedTime and it’s our turn to go black and white. Yes, I realize we’re doing this a week later than the rest of the tribes, but get over it and pay attention to the details. This Sunday 11/15, we will meet here https://www.google.com/maps/place/Starbucks/@39.0570919,-94.6052285,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x31f5d1c700b76fca and leave promptly at 5 pm. There is plenty of parking in and around this area. Message us if you have any questions.



Feel free to bring ANYONE including friends, neighbors, wives, husbands, baby daddies, baby mommas, hell bring your babies if you’re so inclined. Doesn’t matter if they’ve never been to an NP event as long as they’re open to having fun and cool with hugs, high fives, and f**k yeah’s. The theme is black and white, so show up as accordingly. Whether you’re dressed as a zebra, penguin, polar bear, or something as simple as your best tuxedo as long as there is no color. There will be a vote for the best dressed, who will get a pretty kick ass prize so get creative. Remember, we’ll be running a couple of miles from the start point to an undisclosed destination where we will hang out, have some drinks, and eat if you’re up to it. Afterwards we’ll have transportation back to your vehicle if necessary so don’t worry if you want a ride back. Easy, right? Questions, too bad.

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