Better Than Bedtime + Rainy Monday Funday (SF)

Yesterday, SF huddled at Aquatic Park dressed in black and white and cardboard before we ran to The Yard for beers, BBQ and bonus hugs. The event went off with little to no stress from McClayton, which is a huge surprise as little to no planning went into the event. I hope you all enjoyed your Sunday Funday and you were able to put faces to people you run past every Wednesday but can never remember who they are. I keep reading that last sentence and it doesn’t make sense, but I think you know what I am attempting to say.

This morning the Monday crew got hit with another dose of rain and these drops were almost the actual size of normal rain drops! We almost have full on rainstorms! So close. My personal highlight from the workout though was our newest tribe member, whose name I was unable to get, who ran laps around our workout and every time he hit the water he would dip his socks into the water and take off another layer of clothing. By the fourth lap, all he had left were his boxers and I watched in awe and anticipation to see if he would bare it all, but alas, he kept running into the distance. Possibly we will see him again soon for an encore strip/run show.

Wednesday: Alta Plaza Park, 5:30 and 6:30 AM!


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