Black and White __fill in the blank__. (IND)

Today the #iron26 made history. The annual November Project event, called #BetterThanBedtime went down today. Twenty six tribes dressed in black and white took the streets of their city and ran in daylight (gasp). And oh, was it a sight to see in Indy!  Indy is definitely getting weirder. And #NP_IND is gonna help keep it weird. The blanks were filled with a nurse, a domino, a zebra, a chef, a Mormon Bishop, two referees, a pawsome kitten, a topless mummy and Cruella Deville among others.

We yelled “Good Afternoon!” in the bounce, which was weird. Single hugs of no less than 4 seconds in duration were enjoyed. The tribe then buddied up for the buddy system, #SafetyThird and off we went. The tribe ran west, then south, then east across Georgia Street, where there was a Tan(ner) Jason sighting. We ran north around Monument Circle and then east along the Cultural Trail where there was a Seven Layer sighting. We then ran north to Ed’s where we did keg stands and finished in a random alley along Mass Ave.

The looks we got waltzing onto the patio at Ralston’s were classic. Why be normal? Make ‘em wonder. Thank you to all the tribe members for showing up and getting weird. Make sure to read the other 25 November Project city blog posts to see how weird they got with #BetterThanBedtime. And if you missed it, you only have to wait 364 days for the next #BetterThanBedtime.

See you Wednesday!!

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