Beach Bums (LAX)

Dear Beach Bums,

I’ve been trying to comprehend you all and the excitement you bring to this beach. It seems as though you’ve been let loose like a bunch of school children so hyped up on sugar that if you don’t move you’ll explode. Let alone the chit chatter that brings back memories good enough to make a mom pull over and need to cool her shit. What is most prevalent is the upmost amount of love and support for one another.


It seemed to have been a tough workout for you all. Confusion, physical strength, endurance. You all show cased these traits as team and kept trudging through with a smile. Hard work truly does pay off and when you make the decision to show up to anything in life, you are present and ready to tackle any adventure. Keep it up.

With love from,

An innocent by stander.

p.s. Shout out to Amanda who still showed up even though her leg is broken.


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