NP is a Closed-off, Clique-ridden mob.

I’ve heard it a lot.

“It’s too hard to get ‘in’ with these people.”

“They’re so clique-y.”

“It’s too intimidating to show up by myself!”

Guys. I’m gonna tell you right now all of this is grade A bullshit. And I think everyone that shows up all the time would agree. See, they’re agreeing…


Does it take time to become really good friends with tribe members? Sure, we’re (somewhat) normal people. Will you be greeted with anything other than open arms if you just show up? Not on my watch.

The thing about this one is a) we’re human and b) if you continue to show up we’ll get to know you. It has nothing to do with a “yeah, they put in the time out here on the streets, let’s let them into our circle.” It’s more, “Hey, we’ve been running right next to each other at the stairs for 3 weeks now. What’s your name again?” It isn’t about being at the ‘cool kids’ table, it’s about being in the cafeteria.

Are we clique-y? Sometimes. We all have friends. Some of us have really good friends at NP. Some of us want to say hi to our friends at NP. None of us have no interest in meeting you when you show up… it’s kinda why we’re there. So come say hi! Stick your neck out! We’ll do our best not to lop it off. We’re weird, but we’re not assholes. We love each other, so we’ll talk to each other, but come and ask us what’s up and give us a hug. There’s plenty of room at the table for all walks of life in that stadium, on that hill, or by the Greenway (where Monday’s workout is. See how I just snuck that in there all sly. Yeah, that’s right. Boom. I’m blogging–ok, Chris back to actually writing things.).

I know a lot of people reading this already show up, but I hope I’m reaching the handful of you that haven’t yet or showed up a couple times and weren’t pulled into the group the way you maybe should’ve been. We try our best to include you newbies, and make sure you feel welcome, but sometimes we fall short of that. The problem is we DO want you to come! We DO want you to have a blast! And we really want you to ‘get it’ the way we get it. We want these things for you because we know how good November Project is for our bodies and our souls, and we want to share it with fuckin’ everyone!

We know that whatever ferocity, speed, or weird energy, we have with 200 people only gets fiercer, faster, and weirder with 300, or 400, or fucking 10-billion people. This morning we ended our “fullies with spice is very very nice” workout (tracker here!) with an all-out race up Summit Ave, which if you haven’t done is a total pain in the ass and makes you feel like this. So maybe you say it’s cliquey, maybe it’s intimidating, but I challenge you to look past that for a second. Show up to a work out, go up to someone you’ve never met, say “HI! I’M CHRIS! I’M PASSING ON YO–” Woops, wrong day. Let’s try again… “Hey, I’m Chris, I’m new here… ***[Insert other words here too so you don’t look super weird and see below for options if your brain isn’t working yet at 6:29am like mine this morning.]***”


This morning we made an effort to reach out to all the newbs in the crowd and get them bouncing, get them hugging, get them laughing. I hope it worked, and I know it’ll continue. I hope you all show up next week (<–MONDAY LOCATION) and do whatever weird-awesome-silent-but-deadly bounce EmSauce had us doing this morning, and I hope you all tag your double chin in the photo.

Next week, come and say hi, and stay in on the fierce, stay in on the speed, and stay in on the weird.

Much Love,
– Chris
#weekendEarned #showUpAndGoUp #doubleChin

***Potential options to insert above:
“Good morning!”
“Lovely weather we’re having. Isn’t it?”
“I have to poop.”
“What do you guys do in the winter when it snows?”
“Why aren’t the leaders here yet? It’s 6:35am…”
“Wanna make out?”

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