Darkness, Hoistees, Hills (PHL)

That time of year has arrived.  That time where deciphering faces at the beginning of a workout is nearly impossible due to darkness.  That time where eyes are more difficult to open in the morning.  That time when temperatures begin to drop and and beds are inexplicably more comfortable…

This morning was evidence that winter is around the corner and bright, sun filled mornings are behind us.  However, it was also evidence of how committed our Tribe is to one another and the mission we’ve set forth.  Today’s crowd was large, loud and got after it.  Running the back section of the hill we bookended each segment with 5 hoistees.  We concluded the workout with our epic-traffic-clogging-Lemon Hill-cheer tunnel.

While  we certainly can’t promise the days will get any longer or warmer, we can assure you that every Wednesday and Friday morning there will be a friendly face ready to greet you, push you and motivate you to become a better athlete and friendlier human.


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