Be My NP Valentine

Snow, snowmen, kisses, and nice ear tickle. Our once grassy amphitheater, became: 773D9CBE-8E3B-42EE-B8CD-7288E754B78D

but that didn’t stop this love induced weatherproof tribe. We banged (pun intended) out a mini circuit workout and then threw down a challenge: 6 teams, 100 burpies, 100 pushups, 100 mountain climbers, and one snowman. Snowmen tagged, snowballs thrown, and hugs given.


We’re trusting the weatherdudes and have planned a baller of a Wednesday next week. SHIRTS WILL BE TAGGED, bring your wardrobe.

Put your game face on because MUGSHOTS WILL BE TAKING PLACE. Our own Matt Anzur will be taking a picture of your “fucking beautiful” face so they will look much better than our previous attempt.

Enjoy snow, enjoy roses, hug on tribe.

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