Valntine’s Day Reality, The Gallant Evan Dana, & Your New #DestinationDeck Location

One: Valentines Day usually sucks. Dudes and gals with significant others have to decide which level of “the dance” they’re going to commit to. Will you go all out and give Hallmark your hard earned money or will you let your love down? Will you just bite the bullet, throw all originality out the window and head to the North End for overpriced sauce and the obligatory Mike’s Pastry’s while your insides melt under your generic pea-coat/scarf/khaki combo? Or will you just kick yourself wishing you would have simply purchased cut flowers ever single OTHER week of the year so that you could skip this forced day of love by having already invested properly over time? Ladies, $75 for a dozen and they’re zapped by next Tuesday! And what about my single cats and dogs out there? Today, but mostly tonight, you guys have to wallow around and wonder if you’re “ever going to find the right person,” possibly round up your other negative friends, or maybe even dial an ex to “see what they’re up to these days.” Either way, this love holiday isn’t my favorite (can you tell?) and I feel like it can corner all of us a little.

Mikes Pastry

Two: Evan Dana stepped up more than a day ago with his idea that would stomp out any of my usual Valentines Day vibes (see my rant above). His plan? Grab as many roses as it would take to get each of the ladies in the tribe their own personal moment at the end of our classic Friday Hill workout on Summit Ave. This moment would drive originality as we’d all be dripping wet and fully stank, yet it would be as classic as the individual long stem roses (multiplied by one full tribe) that he was staging from his suspiciously shaped backback. This plan was pretty solid, but he’d need help. He reached out to a core of NP dudes to help him pull this off, and pull it off these gentlemen did. After the workout, and before the group photo, we had the ladies take a slow lap while we dudes prepared our roses and checked our breath. As the ladies returned to the fire hydrant finish line we were waiting with eye contact, hugs, and individual roses for each and every one of them. On the spot, even before the roses left the hands of the dudes waiting for the ladies to return, Evan Dana immediately became one of very few to receive the #PositivityAward for a second time in his NP life. Mr. Dana, Thank you. Not just from the ladies who were gifted their symbols of love and appreciation, but to those of us who may need a kick in the pants and reminder that today isn’t about dough or being with someone at all. Its as simple as a gesture to show appreciation that may drive a single smile (if not more).

Evan Dana

Three: The #DestinationDeck location for this Monday, February 17th will be the front door of Community Boating near the Boston side of the Longfellow Bridge & Storrow Drive. Run there. Do the workout with your people. Run away (wherever you want to go). Oh, and bring someone new. Not this spring or early summer, bring someone new this Monday! Have a great weekend and… I can’t believe I’m meaning this as I say, “Happy Valentines Day.”

Community Boating

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  1. The rose you each received is merely a token of our appreciation that you just show up, with hugs awaiting at 6:30am. You inspire us with your individual accomplishments and energy. You give us extra motivation when the alarm goes off. Thank *you*. It is an honor to be a part of this.

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