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When I write a blog post you can tell it’s me speaking to you. How can you tell? Well, the Serbian has a better vocabulary in the English language, this we know, he usually uses the spell check feature before posting, this too we know. So how can you truly tell that BG is the one writing the blog post? Well, other than the small type that says, “By Brogan,” you can tell by how fast I move through the business and get into the meat of the story. But before we go there, just a quick birthday shoutout to our second oldest tribe. Happy First Birthday, MSN!


Today we were iced out of the stadium. This was actually a great thing. We dedicated our workout of 25 minutes of “Bojans” and track laps to our good friend Claire Wood (who was at the workout and ditched to go to a 20 minute yoga class with Goldie saving just enough time to get back for the group pic – Thanks Derrick for reporting their departure during the first portion of OUR COMMUNITY WORKOUT WE DID AS A TRIBE). I know that the workout in Boston was great because I was there… and I won the fuckin’ #PositivityAward. BOOM.

by Nick


Sochi has taught us that even an event as well organized as the Olympics is far from flawless. Yet, on this brisk February morning, the Tribe executed a fast paced Olympic themed workout to near perfection. No one got locked in a bathroom, contracted any Bob Costas eye infections or choked on the Half Pipe (too soon?). In fact, the tribe showed up in full Olympic colors, raced for their respective teams and then managed to cross over team lines and embrace their morning rivals for our Newbie Medal ceremony (ceremony may be a bit of an overstatement).

Our boy Steve declared himself as a winner this morning by showing up in full Polish Olympic garb. You just can’t find good Polish Olympic gear these days so Steve went out and made some of his own. Mad props my friend…that’s the dedication we strive for.

We also had a bunch of Newbies who asserted themselves as true tribe members, running hard, hugging harder and rocking their Newbie Medals with pride. There’s nothing better than some new people showing up and acting like seasoned veterans, loving every minute of their morning. Thanks to Gio as well for taking some eggcellent shots and upping the leaders lagging photo skills.

Have an awesome week folks! Can’t wait to see what kind of weather insanity ensues tonight. #Thetribeisstrong

by Suzanne


Have we forgotten what sunrise at the Art Museum Steps looks like this cruel winter? Maybe? Today’s workout was an inspiring reminder that the days are getting longer and the sun does indeed exist!

TEN new folks showed up. We split into two teams for a full deck challenge workout, which was slightly modified for the love of St Valentine: standard sit-ups & push-ups, an Ace race to the top of the steps, Jokers WILD, which required hugs for longer than what would feel comfortably normal. There is no “normal” here. We “overtimed” the hugs. The love was flowing — sometimes awkward — but always awesome!

Today brought about the first introduction of the hard-work Hard-Hat, a peer-to-peer go hard award which will be handed out each week in recognition of a member’s hard work and commitment. Each week’s recipient will pass it along the next week to a tribesperson they have seen work hard — racing, recruiting, or simply showing an overall strong commitment to our mission of free fitness and community building.

The first recipient of the hard-work Hard-hat is committed, NP_PHL member (and badass racer!) Phil Cappa. Phil has been with us since our earliest hours and never misses a workout or an opportunity to encourage others. Congratulations, Phil!

We tagged some gear, took lots of photos, witnessed some kids running around in their undies (“recruiting efforts” are underway) and doled out much more loooong hugs before running off into that stunning Philadelphia sunrise, smiling all the way to our day’s destinations.

To those who made it out, keep recruiting, keep coming back, stay rad. See y’all next Wednesday! #PhreePhitness #weatherproof #getfit #stayfit #justshowup

by Bobbie Werbe

As BG’s sympathy sickness spreads throughout the land (glad you are healthy again BG, now send the antiserum to Indy. Feel better Patrick and Lori), today our small but mighty tribe assembled to hug, sweat and high five. We warmed it up with circuits of high knees, pushups, squat jumps and supermans. We then tackled the snow covered and frozen stairs, lunging around the top and bottom of the Bell Tower for 20 minutes. We finished it off with the “ode to Sally” squat song and a half Sebastian for good measure. When the stairs might as well be a giant slide and you leave your sled at home, you improvise and sled on a space blanket. Oh yeah! Vampire Brad returned with his NPSF dance moves (channeling Clayton) and his boombook, he also rocked some frozen eyelashes. Our tough as nails photog Brigid made her magic in the -14 F wind chill with a sprained ankle. Lots of NP love here this Valentine’s week.

Our official stencil arrived today! Do your laundry and bring your gear. Tagging parrr-tay is Saturday 8PM @ the fearless leader’s house.

#JustShowUp Wednesday 6:25AM at the Butler Bell Tower for more tagging and shenanigans.

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