Be Here Now

There’s a philosophy popularized by a guy named Ram Dass back in the hippie days that spoke to the notion that is worth a mention today. It deals with the idea that people are busy thinking about something other than what they’re doing, and that it doesn’t take them to a happy place.
They’re thinking about the past. Or stuck in it. They’re thinking about the future, and where they might be. But I’m saying… today… Be. Here. Now.
This moment that you’re in is wonderful.
Take a second today to appreciate who you’re with, what you’re doing, and the fact that we’re in the middle of an awesome summer.

Today’s workout at Meridian Hill was The Donut!
Since the parents were away… co-leaders this week are #CanOfChuzi.
We got the ball rolling in true NP_DC style:

We bounced.
We did a little John Wall dance.
And then we had Hills for Breakfast.

This week is going to be fun – as is EVERY week at November Project.
Runners talk a lot about getting Personal Records. PRs. Well, every one of you who showed up today got a PR… Most November Project Workouts Attended.
And even if you didn’t show up today… if you’re reading this, you still got a PR today.
Most Consecutive Days Lived On Earth.

We had visitors from other Tribes and Jessie celebrated her birthday!


Steve – enjoy your well earned vacation and the time you can spend with family and friends.
Danny – focus on the important work you’re doing out West… getting things in order and on track.
Tribe – remember the little things in life… because one day you might look back and realize… they were the big things.

The Tribe Is Love.

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