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The Joining

Imagine attempting to knit beautiful patterns, art, fun, and energy into the otherwise cold, hard, and very normal railing that connects the entire length of the Mass Ave Bridge between Boston and Cambridge?! It would seem insane, maybe impossible. But wait. Wouldn’t you have said that same thing a few years ago if someone had told you about November Project? The Joining Project and NP have a lot in common. We connect people, we make the city more colorful and fun, and we attempt something each week that most think can’t happen here in Boston. Many stand on the sidelines not yet involved and say, “I don’t get it,” or “Seems weird,” and may never know just how much Boston actually needs these kinds of pushes and spikes of creativity.

Today’s #DestinationDeck took place on the bridge that is currently hosting The Joining Project. In partners lined up along the railing all the way across the bridge, we did a simple 100/100 (each partner doing 100 pushups and 100 squats before gathering and going our own way).

Next time you’re crossing the bridge this summer take a moment to not only take in the view but to also take in the color, line, texture, and overall vibe that comes from the simple, intricate, and always upbeat threads of The Joining Project. See you Wednesday and Friday this week.

Dates & Location for coming this week.

Kyle at DD The Joining

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  1. Hi November project.  While I appreciate your comraderie in your workouts and enjoy seeing you all out in a big group, having you on the mass ave bridge was not a great experience as a runner.  There was very little room to get by your group, never mind being able to pass anyone or allow for oncoming runners.  I saw multiple people jump over to the bike lane which is extremely dangerous.  As there is plenty of room on the grass alongside the river and just as beautiful of a view I am hoping you will think about a change in venue next time.

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