Up and Over We Go!

Man it was a sweaty one today! Good ol’ Mo Nature served up a hot, steamy, pile of sunshine this morning for our stair workout! Now, whenever we decide to go big and utilize the full extent of our glorious stairs, I often find myself at some point in the workout envisioning rainbows, mountain tops, or some form of up and over accomplishment, pole vaulting perhaps? My doctor will later tell me this is referred to as a “hypoxic hallucination”, but minor details aside, getting your ass up early and tacking the dreaded Up and Over workout is something to be psyched about. So grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly, slide down and scoop up that Pot o Gold, and be sure to bring a sled to the top of that mountain – because once the up and overs are done – Monday is a piece of cake.

photo 3

Be Happy. Be Strong. Be BRIGHT SD!

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