Batter Up – (PHL)

Friday Friday Friday – it’s finally here! It’s nearly the weekend! It’s summertime! Yahoo!

Today we split the tribe into four teams and worked out in stations – burpees at Mortimer, table jumps in the picnic area, push-ups at the outlook and a jumping jack line up for yearbook photos.

Yup today was that day. That totally awesome day where we snap a picture of all of the gorgeous faces of November Project Philadelphia! Why do we take a headshot? Well there are a multitude of reasons.

  1. it’s fun (if you were there today you know this to be true).
  2. it’s tradition.
  3. its a great way to get to know people’s names. Learn them and commit them to memory.
  4. its a great way to get to know people’s names you might want to learn a little bit more about (hrrmmm) You know, that cute gent you keep telling all your friends about or that gal you’re  attracted to that you just don’t have the courage to say hi to… yet.
  5. its a great recruiting tool. We share these photos – you make them your profile pictures. The interwebs explode with excitement over how great they came out. And when your non-NP friends say, “Hey, that picture of you is SO DOPE. What is that from?” You get to tell them how awesome NP is and tell them to come and then they are hooked too.
  6. plain and simple – they look amazing…









Get it? Got it? GOOD!!

Huge thanks to Sierra and Gary for shooting today! More thanks to those two and Briskie for designing the overlays and editing the photos so they fit properly! We have a very talented community that surrounds us and we appreciate the time you are taking to put these together.

Katie gave a speech and gave the HH to Mussell – Mussell promptly dropped it on Owen’s head and made him cry – but don’t worry, no babies were (actually) hurt in the handoff of the Hard Hat. O is a toughie and he’ll be fine! Congrats Mussell! Cannot wait to see the trouble you get into with the Hat this week!13528979_10104154742075453_4766873094672882536_n

NIGHTSHIFT is tonite in The Yunk – if you can make it out for a double does of workout – that would be rad!

Hope all of you loves have an amazing weekend!



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