Bananas (YEG)

Go! Bananas! Go Go Bananas…! Go! Bananas! Go Go Bananas…! (you just chanted that in your head didn’t you? I dare you to say in out loud right now…don’t worry about what others think…might be the perfect invitation for recruiting!)

I hate bananas. I mean, I really, really, really dislike bananas. There was this time, I was in Grade 3, Mrs. Rogers class and an over ripe banana splatted all over the place – including in my hair. It was a little traumatic…there’s more to this story from what I can recollect but I don’t need to bore you with my ramblings. But this morning, as we were chanting about bananas it got me thinking…what happens when you really, truly loathe something, when you say you hate something, I wonder, do you hate it as much as I hate bananas?

This morning I heard someone say, “I hate pushups” but then went and hammered out 8 perfect pushups. If you really, truly hated pushups you wouldn’t do them. I think you kind of like them.  I would never eat 8 bananas.

I often hear people say, “I hate running” but then proceed to explain that they are registered for a half marathon in August. Ummmm…as much as you  covet the free shorts that come with your race entry you can’t really hate running that much if you’re willing to cover 21.1km. I would never eat a banana, even for free shorts.

Some people say, “I hate early mornings” but I see them meeting the tribe, sometimes as early as 530 for a run to the NP destination. I don’t think you really hate early mornings if you are able to set your alarm clock for the middle of the night (anything before 5AM is considered still night in my books) and haul your butt out of bed to meet a bunch of people to workout before the sun. I would never eat a banana, even if it was a prerequisite for catching a glorious sunrise over Commonwealth with friends.

Thank goodness my extreme distaste for bananas does not impact my love for November Project!

PS. I know bananas are good for me, I know they have potassium, I know they make good banana bread, banana cream pie, banana splits…doesn’t matter how you dress them up I still won’t eat bananas!

PPS. Oh yeah…this morning we woke up early, we did some pushups and we ran…a lot. Fuck Yeah!

#justshowup – 6AM

Wednesday May the 4th be with you! Stair Wars…meet the tribe at Gate 2 Commonwealth Stadium (Wookiee costumes and Princess Leia braids encouraged)

Friday May 6th – Walterdale Hill

Until next time…SMILE! Jen

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