If No Neon is Worn, Did a Workout Even Happen? (SD)

IF we had held a workout today at the only location in San Diego we’ve been banned from, and IF 100 or so people showed up dressed as ninjas to that workout, and IF we ran stairs, sweated, high fived, rock paper scissored, and raced Talladega laps in silence… IF we had done those things, I’d imagine the group photo would have looked something like this:


But because we’d NEVER ever go back to that location exactly one year after pleasantly being told we weren’t welcome to workout for free on those steps, I’d have to guess that the group photo looks more like this:


Well done today NPSD. The tribe is silent and stealthy.


  • We will be tagging #grassrootsgear on Wednesday at Balboa Park. Please bring ONE article of clothing only!
  • The remaining Mondays in May will be held at Scripps Park in La Jolla Cove. In the spirit of not getting kicked out of more places in San Diego, let’s remember that this is a “residential” area (i.e. it’s La Jolla and people can be a little, well, you know La Jolla-y.) and let’s be respectful of them as well!
  • May’s session of FREE #NPYoga at Milestone Running happens on Friday, May 13th at 6:30AM. Sign up here.
  • We have one more fun weekend event planned for you! Saturday, May 21st at 8AM, meet at the Friendship Flame statue at Convention Center (cause why not?) in all your best #grassrootsgear to go for a fun run, photo taking, touristy, Embarcadero extravaganza!
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