Donut Mondays are the Best (SF)

If you haven’t yet, get yourself out for a Donut Monday. It’s the first Monday after PR Wednesday. So basically it’s the first Monday of the month. I don’t know what it is about these magical days but the positivity flows like rainbow sprinkles out of the container without the cap on.

Alli and Gil bring the donuts and everyone else brings their appetites.


This morning we got downn. So many new face out there just killing it. That’s what we love to see. Wish I could say it had something to do with #NPtheBook but pretty sure BG and Bojan are just touring the country for fun and people are coming to workout because it’s the best.

After a series of suicides and partner exercises (shoutout to Mike Rooney for naming that new exercise Oil Rigs), we lunge-raced for the box of donuts. No one won and everyone won all at once. Merriment ensued.

Did I say that Donut Mondays are the best yet?

Thanks everyone for showing up this morning, bringing such great energy, and starting this week on such a good note. Let’s get after it!

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