Who is Sebastian?!

Today, many of our newer tribe members were introduced to an old friend, Sebastian. Now, in the November Project world, a “Sebastian” is 7 minutes on the clock of all-out-burpees. You get up, you get down, you repeat. It’s a race against your former self.



Today, our deck location happened to be in a very cool spot in the seaport, and realized that our friend Sebastian had started a restaurant right next door. Once we found that out it was time to call the whole workout to a halt, walk over to the storefront, and throw down a Sebastian. You might ask–why 7 minutes?! Why burpees!? Well… Sebastians is famous for their 7-minute fried haddock sandwich. It’s delicious. It’s won several awards. The “BEST IN BOSTON” of 2014. The 3rd place on Buzzfeed’s “Hottest Sandwiches you need a Boston accent to pronounce” and of course the Positivity Award. But we just like it ’cause one day long after we discovered this Sebastian’s seafood sammy, we thought we’d work while the chef worked and did 7 minutes of burpees while he fried our sandwiches. And that was the last time we were allowed inside a Sebastian’s. Coincidentally Capozzi swore off fish altogether after this event as well.


*None of this is true. Sebastian is an old friend who just thought 7 minutes of burpees was a killer workout.

**Except the Capozzi not eating fish part… that part is true.

***If you did a Sebastian at Sebastian’s this morning, put your number down in the tracker.  

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  1. Hey this morning I have done the Sebastian at NP London. But im from the Amsterdam tribe but this is not in the tracker..

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