Bamboon-oozled (DCA)

Your Friday surprise was brought to you by the letter SUPER FUCKING DEEP STAIRS and the number YEAHH TRACK WORKOUT WHAT. But hey, you earned your weekend and now it’s on to Friday and Saturday and Sunday and then the FUNNEST day. If bamboons say funnest, so can I. You might be thinking, well the day after Sunday is Monday, so is that the funnest day? COULD BE. Because there are hills, and we’re addicted and endorphins happen and etc. Or you might, like I sometimes do, leap ahead a few thoughts without verbally making the connection out loud, or on paper (/blog) as it may be, and realized that the FUNNEST day is going to be the SUNRISE 6K day.

That will be Wednesday. In conclusion, Wednesday is the FUNNEST day according to 9/10 bamboons everywhere.

But really, are you looking forward to Wednesday yet? Have you set a goal for yourself yet? Have you thought about what it’ll mean that you:

a. finish a 6k, possibly for the first time?

b. finish a 6k, and kick your last 6k’s ass?

c. be a person who finds it fun to push and test themselves?

d. be a person who is there for everyone else while they push and test themselves?

You might take a second to think about it between now and Wednesday. It’ll be a day when we put a lot of what our community stands for up to the test. Not just, ARE WE GETTING FASTER, FITTER, STRONGER.. But also, do you know more people better than last time? Are you maybe genuinely excited for the humans next to you to have their best race? Are you stoked to finish and then, even though you’re completely out of breath and maybe feel like puking a little, turn around and cheer everyone in? Are you excited for the smiles and release of ALL that energy?



I AM. I REALLY AM. I AM REALLY SUPER FUCKING STOKED FOR WEDNESDAY. SEE YOU THERE (but also Monday before Wednesday, which other more real animals have told me is also fun).


Or wait, is it FUNNER that bamboons say, and humans say is wrong? #funnerrunner

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