New Beginnings….old friends


So Wednesday, woke up in a new house, new noises freaking me out all night…and was desperate for coffee….got up, yawned, dragged myself outta bed. Looked in the mirror, reminded myself what day it is, everything changed after that, November Project has become my coffee, my wake up, my morning hug sessions, and people ask how I have so much energy so early in the morning, well now you know.

Why did I just write all that, well, I say it over and over again, try it once, the early morning, just once, and you’ll be hooked. So this day, there were more new faces at one morning session then others before it, every Monday, Wednesday, Friday this tribe has been growing, and becoming more fierce, but today, some records were broke. So all these new people, they woke up, and they tried it once. The end of the workout, their hugs were tighter, their excitement was even more contagious, and they were pumped to spread the word and show up again. Humans of all sorts from everywhere, even our awesome NP_BMore was present and repping tribes from down South! Humans that didn’t make it for whatever reason, were messaging saying how excited they were to see the picture, and how they missed their morning burpees, but will be there soon.

So the point of all that….just show up, for something amazing, just show up for something new, just show up for something crazy, just show up for you! (yep, I rhymed!) mic drop.

So now we get into the gritty stuff, the cool stuff, the thing we talk about ever Wednesday, that piece of wood we give out, that ore piece all the way from Boston. I get to talk about it twice today.

Last week we gave this positivity award to someone who rides on two wheels with foot power to November Project, who isn’t afraid of sweat, who runs races, makes podiums, and is one of the most laid back chicks I know. She’s embodies what November Project is all about, community, humans, strength, determination, sharing, and paying it forward. She pays her dues weekly and on time, crushes goals, and drives others to work hard. She is an amazing human, she is Sarah, and she is November Project Calgary.


Now, this week. This week, I spoke the speech, warmed up the audience, set up the goose bumps, and then let Pete, give it out. He chose someone we just recently met, but has shown up consistently. Someone who did not know his limit on the first November Project, for him at the stairs, he pushed so hard that he had to pull over into the bushes. Then he was gone, but Pete said, the first thing he said before he left “I will see you Wednesday”, so the guy, who got sick from working so hard….well he showed up on Wednesday and crushed it ever since. He floored me, he made everyone realize that no matter what, no matter the excuse, that he will show up. He’s pretty cool, and pretty slick. He pushes boundaries, and races rally cars against our very own co-leader! He has a big heart, and has so much love for this. He is an amazing human, and fierce racer. He is Michael, and he is November Project Calgary.


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