Mountains to Mole Hills (YEG)

Talk about the longest 30 minutes ever. That workout was tough, and it seemed like it was never going to end. As we keep finding steeper hills, you will slowly realize that as painful as it is to get up whichever hill we are at, they get easier as you do them more often. You’re also overcoming the obstacle in front of you every single time you go up. You’re turning mountains into mole hills. Whatever you do after 6:45am today, take that momentum from you charging over that mole hill and use it to go through whatever is in your way… unless it’s a car… don’t go through cars.

Kind, yet important reminder. When you are grabbing your layers, jackets, keys, dogs, water containers, lunch kits and text books before you head home, PLEASE make sure you are grabbing your stuff. We realize you probably won’t put on those layers, or open those books until later in the day, week, month, but someone might be missing their favourite set of house keys. If this has ever happened to you in the past, you know how this feels, and if it happened to you today, please reach out to us on facebook/twitter so we can return the keys to their owner.


Schedule for next week:

MondayNear the zoo, but not AT the zoo.
Wednesday – Sunrise 6k – Meet on River Valley Road across from the RG Stairs. If you have never run a race before, this is the cheapest race (free) you will ever run. It’s also very flat, and all those hills you did this week will be worth it.
FridayWalterdale Hill – “Short Shorts and Bright Shirts”


That’s all for today’s blog fest, folks!

Find the Good,

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