Badassery (YEG)

I know we’ve described the tribe as badass many times – tough and uncompromising. This morning was no exception. In trying to honour my “easy day” I  cheered and froze my toes today as you all raced. What I love about that opportunity is that I got to witness some exceptional badassery!!

It’s total badass to:

  • sprint down the frosty dark stairs
  • get up early on your spring break and come to NP with your parents
  • race and hit a 28:19Day PB
  • pack your toddler up and down the stairs
  • race for Abe’s hat and  NP Chicago’s DC tee
  • sprint one final section of stairs to hit the top platform just as time is called unable to even high 5 because you’re so exhausted
  • come back from an NP hiatus and set a new race day baseline
  • make your way up and down the stairs with a loaded backpack & still have energy to share with the tribe
  • show up to NP for the very first time on race day and proceed to kill it

Thank you to everyone who chose to #justshowup this morning. You inspire and motivate me every morning!

Looking for more badass experiences? Watch for an NP SUMMIT announcement to come out later this week.

#justshowup 6 AM

Friday – Walterdale Hill

Monday – Laurier Park

Until next time…SMILE! J

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