When exhaustion feels so good (NPSF)

We realised this morning that it’s been over three years since we started this PR course, back in the Spring of 2015. Often it seems like people actively avoid the last Wednesday of every month. It’s a rough workout. You put your head down and hammer. Grunting as many words of encouragement that your lungs will allow as you cross paths with your friends on the stairs. When you hear the description, it seems like 3 sets of 10 burpees wouldn’t so bad, right!? But after pushing that descent, you hit 4 flights of stairs. And then those 10 burpees are slow. They’re heavy. A little wayward at times. The onlookers are teasing your form (cheers Iain!). You forget your count. Shite, I think I just did 12. Or was it 9. Done, time for another lap. 1 step OR 2 steps. Ahhhh, don’t stumble.

Once again, this IS a rough workout. This IS a tough workout. But mornings like this remind us and how awesome it is. Starting in the dark, and racing as the sun rises. Finishing with some high fives, hugs and plank tunnels on the top of the stairs. OGs and new rookies. NPSF regulars and traverbalers from around the Tribes (shoutout to Dallas, NYC, Boston and New Hampshire. Hey Dooster Fam!). People of all paces pushing themselves to exhaustion. Whether you’re trying to break 35 minutes or 20. Giving it your all with your friends beside you and cheering you on. Fuck yeah. PR WEDNESDAY!

Drop your PR times here in the tracker.

#PBRWednesday Happy Hour tonight at Zeitgeist. From 5:30PM onwards. Remember it is CASH only, but their toasted sandwiches are DOPE!

Friday Hills. It’s the big showdown of our March Madness Hills challenge. The last Friday of the month, and the scores are tight. 246 for Team Zip (yellow). 218 for Team Paddy (blue). 243 for Team Ali (red). Every single repeat will be so important, so show up. Bring new recruits. See you at Christmas Tree point on Twin Peaks for a little double hump action. 6:25AM. GO BLUE!

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