OGs, Newbies, Dads. Show Up.

This morning was one of those days in which love seemed to permeate every crevice of the concrete and every hair of Eugene’s beard.

You showed up. OG co-leaders showed up. Dads from La Jolla showed up, and a dad from Milwaukee showed up. Hell even Brian from Bird Rock showed up. As a result, there was even more positivity that spread through like contagion throughout the tribe.
November Project San Diego
I’m not sure if I’ve ever experienced as much excitement from people telling me they did NOT get a PR. You folks are the best of the best, and we’re so glad you decided to #justshowup this morning.
Have a fucking fantastic rest of your day.
November Project San Diego


  • Monday we’ll be at Mission Trails Regional Park. The exact location will be dropped in the tracker and on socials soon!
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