Don’t keep calm, it’s hump day! [MTL]


– Today was PR day. YEAH!!
– Scotiabank race – cheer station.
– Summer leader auditions.

Growing up, Wednesdays always felt like a Monday but in the middle of the week. I dreaded waking up and starting hump day. Any excuse was good not to commit to anything on a Wednesday. I hated it. I never thought that one day Wednesday would become my favorite day of the week. To top it off, Tuesday nights have become somewhat like Christmas Eve… but like every week. I get to go over the activities planned the following day with the tribe, prepare the last minute silly stuff and wait with emancipation for Wednesday morning.

This morning was one of those days: PR day. Some people (cough… Heather) might not like PR day very much but PR day allows us to benchmark ourselves vs. the Place Jacques-Cartier climb once a month and see how we are progressing in our overall fitness level. It’s a celebration of the free fitness movement and of sharing a Montreal moment with other early morning weirdoes. I hope you enjoy it has much as we do. We are always open to your recommendations to make it that much more epic each month. Long live PR day!

Important announcements:

  • Our summer November Project leader auditions are open! We are looking for 3 of you (1 per month) to step up and come plan the silly thing we do. Starting April 11th, we will audition fellow tribe members to co-lead a workout with Milana during Derek’s absence. Start thinking about it and reach out to us! We are looking for candidates 🙂
  • The Scotiabank 5k/10k/half is coming up in less than a month and we will be cheering hard! A growing number of NP members are running and we’re stoked to scream our faces off/flash hilarious signs and rep NP!
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