Bad Assery for a nice Ass-ery.

I gradually place all my weight on my right leg, and slooowly lift my left.

My right leg starts shaking, but I mentally will myself to hold this pose for just a little bit longer.

It’s worth it I tell myself, my legs will look amazing in those shorts today.

…What sort of gruesome exercise am I doing you ask?

I’m attempting to shave my legs after a November Project morning workout.


I’ve been going to NP Chicago regularly for over a year now, and week after week I am continually amazed at how sore I can be after some of these workouts. But wait…I run half marathons! I do triathlons! I’m in shape! Ha. November Project doesn’t listen to those silly reasons, and instead challenges you to do things that are outside your comfort zone. You discover muscles in places you didn’t know existed, because suddenly they’re sore. You learn you CAN do box jumps on those crazy high “stairs” by the lake. You develop a love/hate relationship with burpees, and bean dips never tasted so good.


Would you do all these things by yourself at the crack of dawn? Of course!…well… maybe…if the weather was nice…and you went to bed early…aaaand who am I kidding, it’s not happening. You go to November Project because you know there are smiles and hugs and friends all waiting for you to #justshowup. The kickass workout is just a side benefit.

So after all this, I ask, are you good?!


– EmRo

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