Tank Day (IND)

Last week was arm day. So clearly, today was leg day.

But first, we bounced. The 5:28 group warmed up with a Gigantic Group Hoistee. Like the human pretzel, but better. The 6:15 group warmed up with everyone’s fave: the Bounce and Mix where the newbies learned about ass-in-hugging technique. The workout consisted of #UpAndOvers with spice everywhere: burpee broad jumps, leg throw downs, walking lunges and hoistees. And the ever motivational praying mantis hung out on the stairs hissing, “Go faster!”

Today was also Tank Day, as in Frank “The Tank” Loui Tagatac Minor. But if you’ve been to a #NP_IND workout, you know him as the loud, fast, shit-talking yet encouraging brother that you didn’t know you even wanted. When you meet him your thoughts of “who IS this guy?” quickly transform to “I effing love you dude!” While driving with his son yesterday, Frank’s car was involved in a terrible traffic accident.  His nine month old son was not injured, but Frank was taken to Methodist Hospital in critical condition.  He was in surgery for several hours last night for orthopedic injuries. He is expected to have a long recovery road ahead.  A “Go Fund Me” campaign has been established to help his family. If interested, here is the link.

photo 25

In the spirit of November Project and Frank’s tenacity, we are starting the “Tank Double Challenge”. Every week we challenge one tribe member to volunteer to “do a double” (that means both workouts, 5:28 and 6:15am), until he is back. This may equate to some uncomfortable sacrifices on your part. Like showing up to work smelly/dirty, less sleep, more delayed onset muscle soreness. But you know Frank would “do a double” for you any day without hesitation. Hell, Frank does a double after working overnight shifts as an EMT. Therefore, #NoExcuses.

Next week is Race Day! Who wants to Do A Double?

2014-09-17 23.17.34  This photograph is called “Hearts for Frank”.

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