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First, a note about our wonderful and deserving positivity award winner from this week. As I mentioned to our tribe this morning, the award is not always about being the loudest or most energetic person. The award is about showing commitment to the workouts, it is about wearing the gear, participating in the recruiting, working your ass off, always wearing a smile and simply being someone that other tribe members look forward to seeing. Claudia is all of that and more! She joins us for post-workouts breakfasts, she drove up to Grand Beach for a weekend pop-up, she is committed to our group and we will miss her in a couple weeks when she goes back to school. Thanks for bringing your smile each and every week!

And now, a story about #community.

By now you all know that we have something pretty damn great happening in Winnipeg. Over the past 14 months, we have formed incredible connections amongst our fellow tribe members. Wednesdays are great but one of our favourite things is spotting #grassrootsgear at Safeway, a coffee shop, and on running trails. It always results in a smile, high five and usually a hug. What we hadn’t fully grasped, prior to this past weekend, was the power of November Project in the world outside of our Winnipeg bubble. Sure, we knew that 20 other cities have tribes and they all seem to be doing equally great things. But when a group of us Winnipeggers travelled to Vancouver this past weekend to race in Lululemon’s half marathon – Seawheeze, it really hit home that by being a part of November Project Winnipeg, we are all a part of something SO MUCH MORE.

Wow. Wow. Wow. Did we ever feel the love! At every turn it seemed like we spotted a fellow November Project member. It would start with zeroing in on the bright coloured clothing, then the infamous NP tag, and then scanning to determine the logo identifying the specific tribe. And it ALWAYS ended with a huge smile, a hello, a cheer, and again, often a hug. We met people from Calgary, Edmonton, Philly, Washington, Vancouver, San Diego, and Phoenix. We can say without hesitation every single one of them registered off the charts on the awesomeness scale. It was as if the November Project tag was an open invitation to a make a friend. And we took full advantage of it. It made our weekend.

Also, a MASSIVE thank you to the November Project Vancouver cheering squad on the base of the Burrard Street bridge. Your cheers and support overshadowed that killer hill.

The moral of story is: Get out there. Wear your gear. Race everything. Make friends. Love life.

Katie, Dan and Erin (and every other NP YWG member that joined us!)

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