April Showers (PVD)

We learned it in kindergarten, right? April showers bring May flowers…but this morning, co-leader Holly raised the question – what else does May bring?

I love the whole rebirth aspect of Spring. The snow melts (eventually.) It stops being freezing cold in the morning (eventually.) The flowers start to bloom, the grass turns green again, leaves appear. It’s this whole wonderful renascence* of life. Change is inevitable, after all.

If you have read today’s main blog post, you’ll have learned that after 4.5 years, the partnership between November Project and The North Face has come to a conclusion. Because change is inevitable (blog post here). We grow, we bloom. We evolve. This is just another facet in the continued evolution of a grassroots movement that over 7 years has taken over the globe. And we shall continue to evolve. But it with gratitude and grace that we say farewell to The North Face, and yet let’s maintain the mindset that they provided.

The cold is behind us. The warm is ahead. So it’s the perfect time to set your goals for the spring and summer. What are yours going to be? Is it to get out of bed in the rain and create memories? Is it to rally together and cheer on our team? Is it to run like the wind? Leave them in the comments.

Calendar of Stuff and Things:

4/10 (next Wednesday) – Wedding Wednesday Workout!
Don’t miss this. Bring your friends. Bring cameras. Pray it doesn’t rain. Or that it does. Whichever. Just make sure you show up. This is going to be a thing that happens, and you’re going to hate yourself if you’re not there.

4/15 – Marathon Monday!
November Project Boston is hosting their annual Marathon Monday workout at the Chestnut Hill Reservoir at 6:30am. This one is going to be super amazing and you likely shouldn’t miss it. When you’re done, head over to Mile 18 and CHEER! The November Project cheer station is one of the best things on the planet, and you should be a part of it.

4/19 – Good Friday Worcester!
Our friends in the Woo are hosting a Friday workout and want Providence to come visit. Whether you’ve got the day off and can stay for breakfast, or you have to skedaddle off to work, it’s a pretty damn quick drive down Rte 146, or the Pike, or wherever. Plus, NP Woo tribe leader Peanut has talked smack about how we never go visit. So let’s go do that.

* = totally a real word. It means “the revival of something that has been dormant. ” Yes, I’m a nerd. And you love me anyway.

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