Over the past year, it’s been pretty great being an NP leader in the Bay Area. Unlike most of our fellow cities (what’s up, Great Los Angeles and New York City Area), we are blessed to have two tribes SUPER close to each other. We go to each others’ socials. We go to each others’ races. And when we can, we try to go to each others’ workouts. That’s harder on Wednesday, the one day we both have workouts. 

But we figured out a way around that.

Partly as a goof, partly as an inspired April Fools prank, but also partly as a way to share the #NP_BayArea love, NPSF and NP_OAK swapped leaders this morning.

It was fun. For us at least. We think everyone else enjoyed it too.

What should have seemed obvious in advance, but became so clear during the workouts and afterwards, it’s how leadership is not what makes this movement so amazing: all of you are. 

Don’t get us wrong: we LOVE being leaders, and we think we serve a useful function in this whole #FreeFitness thing. But what was so beautiful about #LeaderSwap this morning was how, after chuckling a bit during the bounce, everyone in both workouts just rolled with it, buckled down and, you know, did the fitness things.

That’s what’s amazing about November Project. Anyone who’s traverballed to another city knows what we’re talking about here. No matter who’s leading the bounce, no matter what silly arrangement of exercises is in store this week, and no matter what city you’re in, a November Project workout is a November Project workout. Everyone knows what they’re doing (that OakTree workout wasn’t too confusing, right?), and they know they’re there to get a lot of sweat on and support their friends and their community.

At the end of the day, it’s fun to mix things up, and we’re gonna keep doing so in all sorts of ways. But switching things up will always just remind us of the core of what makes NP amazing: all of you.


NP OAKLAND HAPPY HOUR: Tonight at Oakland Emporium by the Fox Theater at 6pm!

ALLEY SPRINTS: Meet tomorrow at 6:14pm at Dolores Park for some sprint racing in the Mission alleyways. You don’t want to miss this one. It’s a good time.


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