April Showers Brings..April Fog (SF)

Springtime in San Francisco has officially arrived. With this comes oddly hot weather followed immediately by freezing weather for NO APPARENT REASON. Spring brings a light rain shower that eventually turns into 14 straight days of rain and not knowing what it feels like to be dry anymore. Spring brings extra hours of morning daylight which means girls start wearing make up to NP workouts. We welcome spring with open arms. Get at me son.

Today we celebrated the birth of Lindsay Bolt, welcomed 82 newbies, and completed the Huffman 5.0 while Laura and Clayton inhaled fumes on fumes on fumes in the corner of the park. None of this should surprise you. Shout outs to the blogosphere world of Kinetic Fix and Pavement Runner  for coming out this morning, good to have your pretty face back Benjamin! Uhhh Jennifer, I mean Jennifer…

FRIDAY STAIRS: Corona Heights. 6:24 AM. Small park, can’t miss the group. One of the best sunrises in the city, don’t miss it this time.



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