Call in the K9s (DCA)

So much happened at #NP_DC today that we’re just going to give you what we like to call:


– Monday happened this week. There was no blog post because we were so hyped up about it that we forgot to write one. From here on out, we hug and smile harder three days a week

– We have the best looking asses in DC

– We spiced up someone’s engagement photos this morning

– We had a visitor from Boston and tons of newbies

– We saw an incredible sunrise

– Everyone wants to hang out with us (even the K9 unit comes…to sniff our bags. Our bad. Please remember to bring minimal gear along and from now on we will have someone stationed with the gear so that we don’t get searched again. We appreciate your cooperation just as much as they do ours. Working together to build a better DC. Be sure to thank the officers for helping out and keeping us safe.)


FRIDAY: Thomas Jefferson Memorial for some incredible Cherry Blossom sunrise pics. 6:29AM.

Don’t forget about your homework!




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